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Blockchain in Healthcare Today assists the healthcare industry and its leadership in the objective evaluation of sustainably integrated, proven, and scientifically validated blockchain deployments within the healthcare system.
The online journal offers rapid, peer-reviewed publication of research, reviews, and proof of concept for blockchain technology and related areas that catalyze a new era in healthcare and demonstrate bottom line cost efficiencies that advance value-based healthcare for the 21 st Century and future healthcare challenges.

Emphasis focuses on local and global innovations that foster ecosystem efficiencies which include:

Interoperability  |  Patient Security  |  HIPAA Compliance  |  Network Security  |  Machine Learning  |  Artificial Intelligence  |  EHR and PHR  | Drug Supply Chain Management

The audience includes 9,000 healthcare executives, researchers and innovators in hospitals, healthcare insurance, academia, informatics, CROs, biopharma, clinicians, population health, government, and not for profit organizations, with an interest in the latest knowledge on blockchain implementation and advances on the horizon in the healthcare specialty.

Telehealth and Medicine Today is an online peer reviewed scholarly journal. Our goal is to assist healthcare decision makers in launching sustainable telehealth services within clinically integrated healthcare systems. To this end, Telehealth and Medicine Today offers rapid, peer reviewed publication of research and commentaries related to innovations in digital information and telecommunications technologies in patient centered care. Emphasis focuses on, program implementation, outcomes, process improvement, innovations, and advanced econometrics that foster earlier interventions and advance value-based healthcare for the 21st century and future healthcare challenges.

The audience includes 24,000 executives and leaders at hospitals, medical research centers, insurance payers and brokers, healthcare providers, medical directors, health economists,  IT/IS, researchers, innovators, academicians, biotech and device companies, and all others with an interest in digital health and telemedicine.