Building Trust Through Truth

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Connect and galvanize a “Community of Masters,” across scientific and education platforms to present informed, objective and provocative research and reviews, which moves the needle of the market to facilitate an ongoing dialogue providing cache and credibility to all those that propel a new era in medicine and scientific communications.

building a community of masters...

​​​Partners in Digital Health accepts original research manuscript submissions, board nominations, sponsor support and collaborative initiatives. Those with an interest in submitting a manuscript or obtaining further information are encouraged to contact the publisher at 

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Converging Research and Innovation to

Transform Healthcare

“What is truth?” There are alternate routes to embracing truth. One is through research, the other is innovation. Each seeks data-driven outcomes and arrives at the end point through different methods. The researcher exercises "method" and proves a result. The innovator applies tools for agility in business process and improvement and learns the value of proof along the journey. Each builds trust through truth. Partners in Digital Health (PDH) acknowledges the efforts of both.

The PDH “Community of Masters” harnesses the energy of local and global experts to share knowledge and build a community to fill  information gaps around the globe. We achieve this through journal ambassador chapters and the Community of Masters Speakers Bureau at