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Building Trust Through Truth

Building Trust Through Truth 

COnferences & LEarning Modules

Converge2Xcelerate (#ConV2X) challenges audiences to catalyze and change healthcare using blockchain technology, telehealth, and converging technologies to build consensus for new healthcare solutions and reduce costs for health systems and health consumers. Top world authorities share business cases, pilots, and scaled use, to demonstrate the impact of new and vetted solutions to address challenges in healthcare.

The conference cuts straight to the practicality of initiatives where the bottom line economic impact of initiatives is demonstrated along with “how to” guidance for replicating similar outcomes.

Each year, a current and topical theme is selected to find solutions to current challenges in healthcare and drive building consensus and understanding for them. 

The conference is collegiate in essence. No titles or corporate affiliations are featured on badges. This encourages all participants at all levels to share relevant experiences with new or known community members.

Professionally moderated Debates are a conference staple, as top authorities elucidate arguments, pro and con, addressing controversial issues and topics. The Innovation Ignition Competition brings you tomorrow’s investment opportunities with startups competing for mind share and exposure, to VCs, and leading tech labs.

#ConV2X welcomes all stakeholders in the ecosystem to facilitate dialogue, build alliances, educate, and bolster pioneering efforts in industry.

Partners in Digital Health (PDH) is a forward reaching media and communications company catalyzing strategic thoughts leaders, and new era thinkers that champion the acceleration of healthcare transformation. The portfolio converges leading academics, pragmatic innovators, and practitioners around the globe to assist in the acceleration of healthcare transformation, and better outcomes for health consumers presenting evidence based fact. PDH continuously pushes the boundaries of technology innovation in scholarly publication and ecosystem practices to bring trust, transparency, and truth to its audience,  publishing the peer review journals Blockchain in Healthcare Today and Telehealth and Medicine Today,

Presenting the latest data and information for  organizations to determine the most appropriate path to success in telehealth, blockchain, and global health citizen engagement

We seek, reveal, and converge evidence based research, strategies, outcomes, trends, economic impact, and news, from a "Community of Masters. " including academics, entrepreneurs, new era thinkers, and innovators, to move the needle of the marketplace.  

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Blockchain in Healthcare Today peer review journal


Telehealth and Telemedicine Today peer review journal