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The trusted gateway to market and scientific expertise accelerating advanced technology in healthcare.  ​Objectives include expanding business opportunity & growth through non-redundant international initiatives and Identifying local market gaps to launch educational programming that builds consensus and expertise across a global

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Building Trust Through Truth

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Building Trust Through Truth 

Annual CONV2X Symposium 

Partners in Digital Health (PDH) facilitates global inter-connectivity  to redefine the future of healthcare by accelerating the education, investigation, use, and scale required for emerging technologies in healthcare. PDH harnesses the creative energies of industry pioneers and researchers, supported by the scientific excellence that is reflected in its leading open access peer reviewed journals' annual symposia.

Converge2Xcelerate (#ConV2X) is the acclaimed evidence based health technology symposia series catalyzing C-suite global market executives, pioneers, and researchers driving innovation in healthcare.

ConV2X is the premier destination community presenting new and cost effective solutions through real world evidence, strategy, operations, research and trends.

Healthcare leadership & breakthrough technology providers inspire and guide informed decision making to successfully navigate a new digital health era. International dialogue, and probing educational experiences  c
hallenge audiences to explore and potentially adopt  novel innovations and approaches to care and wellness. Top world authorities share business cases, pilots, and scaled use examples of new and vetted solutions.

Where possible, the bottom line economic impact of initiatives is demonstrated along with “how to” guidance for replicating similar outcomes.

Open Access Journal Portfolio

Blockchain in Healthcare Today open access peer reviewed journal


Telehealth and Telemedicine Today open access peer reviewed journal

Partners in Digital Health (PDH) is a forward reaching ethically adroit boutique publishing and communications company catalyzing  thought leaders and multidisciplinary stakeholders to share innovation and research that accelerates healthcare transformation. The portfolio endeavors to amplify outcomes, access and quality care for global health citizens around the world. 

PDH is dedicated to bringing innovation, transparency, and quality trusted research to multidisciplinary collaboratives, public, and private audiences around the globe.

Editors seek high quality and novel research, including failed experiments, to share with a global ecosystem in fields that mark transformative change for health and wellness in pursuit of better outcomes and lower costs in value based care

Publishing the peer reviewed journals Blockchain in Healthcare Today and Telehealth and Medicine Today, these open access journals present the latest research and innovation for  clinical  practitioners and healthcare organizations around the world to determine the most appropriate path to success in these exciting fields.